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Intu-Flow Certification Course

The Intu-Flow Mobility Wellness Certification Can Transform Your Quality of Living For You and Your Patients and Clients.

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You will DISCOVER our reliably repeatable poise analysis and intuitive assessment process which is so simple that it’s nearly inconceivable that you could forget it once exposed to it at our certification workshop. This is because it’s hard-wired into your very central nervous system. All motor control depends upon a genetic imprint of how we all develop from neural infancy called the “Cephalocaudal-Proximodistal Trend.” (Fortunately, you don’t need to be a neuroscientist to understand how it works. All you have to do is have the courage to trust your intuition. We teach you how!)

You will CONSTRUCT a palette of dynamic joint mobility drills which will near-instantaneously provide significant improvements in carriage, poise, grace, pain-free movement, as well as agility, coordination and proprioception. (In the modern era, the more rapid that you elicit concrete performance gains and pain-free movement for your patients and clients, the more fulfilled you will become and the more lucrative your practice becomes. Intu-Flow® Mobility Wellness is the best, the fastest, and the original dynamic joint mobility system!)

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You will COMPREHEND the hands-on approach to “applied” kinesiology and biomechanics – how the body was intended to optimally function. (Superior practice and study is nothing more than a deeper understanding of functional physiology. Intu-Flow Mobility Wellness applies leading scientific concepts in a practical, user-friendly manner that makes YOU the laboratory, which gives you the opportunity to transform first yourself, and then your ability to help others!)

Intu-Flow Mobility Wellness Certification is an intensive 2 day seminar which will present the precise abilities you need to incorporate Intu-Flow Mobility Wellness into your well-merited resume and with it, you’ll have the perfect elixir for high performance, pain-free vitality for yourself and for your patients and clients if you are a professional. Our seminar will give you a tangible map for eliciting immediate results through CNS recovery, re-coordination and refinement training not just for you but also for your patients and clients.

In addition, you will learn how to:

  • Identify risks for injury, and avoid exacerbating prior injuries and issues.
  • Prevent reinforcing and re-stablize structural / postural distortions and functional imbalances.
  • Isolate effective and efficient, incremental corrective movement strategies.
  • Assess, understand and provide interventions for dysfunctional breathing patterns.
  • Determine compensations and referred issues.
  • Enhance and augment functional motor patterns.
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Please Check Back With Us and Stay Tuned For Announcements Regarding Information About Intu-Flow Certification Course Dates and Locations in 2019.

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