Scott and His 7-months-old Son Kai
Displaying Innate Perfection.

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In an interview with Body + Soul magazine last month, the editor asked me how it was that I managed to create this life-empowering system of personal transformation. The answer is simple:

The Road of Victories is Paved with Hardship.

If you want to effect true, positive and perennial change in your life, make what appears to be the difficult but righteous choices, rather than the easy short-cuts. Let me share with you a little about how I got to where I am today.

As a child I faced physical and mental hurdles which placed me in a psychiatric asylum, including an agonizingly painful joint disease called osteochondrosis which made conventional sports and exercise problematic, an array of learning disabilities such as dyslexia which caused my directional sense and skill acquisition to be very poor, childhood obesity due to the foods available from impoverished “welfare”, and the relentless siege of surviving within an environment of violent abuse.

When I was released from the mental hospital, the teachers of my school were supposed to have been legally bound to confidentiality regarding my near year of absence from mainstream population. Somehow “mysteriously” everyone knew within less than a week. The violence resumed 100-fold due to the humiliating ostracism of public disclosure of my “disabilities”.

My mother, one of the most innovative powerhouses I’ve ever known, found all manner of alternative education to support my genetic hurdles, such as education in 7 different types of musical instruments to foster brain integration, Korean finger counting technology - Chisanbop - to conquer my dyslexia specific to mathematics, and a rare (at the time) advanced Phonics course which catapulted my “learning-disabled” reading comprehension well beyond my grade level. I was even taught break dancing and ballet to aid in my retarded motor development.

My mother's example of finding alternative solutions lead me by example. As I found myself wanting to end the violence in my life, to gain the graceful composure and mercurial power of the masters, I began searching out teachers in the martial arts.

I used my mother’s ingenuity to take my SAT exams 2 years after high school graduation to pass entry into university, successfully complete the required applications to gain student grants and loans, and enter the world of academia. I enrolled in Philosophy and started seeking study-abroad options.

While continually shut-down in study abroad attempts, at University, I stumbled upon a world-class competitor of the Russian martial art of SAMBO, a discipline combining cutting edge science from biomechanics, stress physiology and flow-state psychology. With several years of Russian language study, I realized this was my “big chance.”

Convincing the representative to coach me, I trained hours daily often 7 days / week, while still hitting the books devouring information that would help me maximize my potential despite my genetic “disadvantages.”

In 2 years, I had made the USA National Team; in 3 years, I had won national and international championships; and in 5 years I accepted the position as USA National Team Coach. I used this leverage and my network to petition to become the 1st Westerner to intern in the former Soviet Union’s RETAL (Russian Combat Skill Consultant Scientific and Practical Training) Center, and after a battery of interviews with several hundred other applicants, I was selected.

Scott Sonnon in the 1990s Stands Next to the Russian
Baikanor Proton Space Launching Site. Notice the
Insignia Scott was Awarded Displayed on the Rocket.

In special facilities in the xUSSR, I was immersed in a “Great Think Tank Experiment” including members of the Olympic coaching staff, medical scientists, special forces (“Spetsnaz”) trainers, intelligence instructors, and Cosmonaut program personnel. I still marvel nostalgically that I was given this opportunity.

There, I learned there scientific methods of health augmentation, alternative medicine and performance enhancement. Their cosmonauts, for example, needed to remain healthy and strong in zero gravity, since without the resistance of gravity, tissue rapidly accelerates the process of aging. So, they had to develop special methods to maintain the flow of nutrition and lubrication throughout the body (since you can’t lift weights in a weightless environment.)

The intelligence officers explored the relationship of emotions and body language under stress. The special forces guided investigation of biomechanical efficiency since their movements had to be effortlessly subtle yet effective, so as to not arise awareness of their presence among other “regular” people. And the medical scientists cataloged all of these experiments with unique devices which I wasn’t allowed to study because it remained classified (to save my teachers from harmful reprisal from supervising officials, I often feigned that I knew the language very little, when I understood much more than they realized. I am a human sponge for useful knowledge.)

Overcoming Childhood Impairment,
Scott won the Chinese Sanshou Kickboxing
Open International Championships at age 35!
Photographed Here with Shaolin Monk Xiangyang Liu.

Six years I studied back and forth throughout Russia in different secure locations. When I returned to the USA for the final time, I began sharing what I had learned with other martial artists; eventually “Ultimate Fighting Championship” winners. Quickly that spread to other professional sports, like hockey, baseball, and football, which lead me to becoming a physical education professor for Penn State University, which spawned public speaking engagements with fitness organizations, youth conditioning, obesity and eventually “anti-aging” and wellness events worldwide, such as the esteemed Australian Fitness Expo FILEX and Australian Yoga Conference event where I had the privilege of presenting twice at the 2008 event.

My life came full circle: the first half spent trying to stop harm and damage to myself, and the second half creating greater health and well-being within others. It was quite a roller-coaster getting to today where I now have the privilege of sharing what transformed me from one whom my teachers said would never amount to anything, especially physically, to a hall of fame fitness and martial arts producer, author and public speaker.

Because of the big shoulders I stand upon, I’ve distilled what I’ve learned into an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box effective, simple-to-apply system of drinking from the fountain of youth, reversing the hands of time, freeing yourself from the bondage of chronic pain, and super-charging yourself with high-octane energy every minute of the waking day.

With only a couple execptions, every day for the past 12 years, I have used Intu-Flow to bolster my natural, abundant energy. It delivers a tremendous list of benefits for a simple routine. Gets my circulation restored, flushes out my lymphatic system, decompresses joint capsules and restores ground substance flow around bones, strengthens the fascia, tendons and ligaments, increases kinesthetic awareness, improves range of motion in every direction and dimension, prevents the joints from leaking Qi, opens up spinal vertebrae improving posture, decongests chakra to allow prana to flow and kundalini to rise, develops coordination, calm and confidence, and releases the stored biochemicals locked within them from powerful emotions.

Nowadays, I'm called The Flow Coach, and I get the privilege of sharing my story of regaining my freedom to move to audiences of thousands. As an acclaimed public speaker and author, I've hung up my gloves and have taken world-class martial art coaching off the mat to the fight against the core issues behind childhood obesity and accelerated aging.

As a devotee of my yoga guru, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (or "Amma"), I serve as wellness advisor and keynote speaker for organizations such as the International Youth Conditioning Association, the National Active Aging Council, the Radiant Recovery Ranch, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival, the National Strength Conditioning Association, the National Law Enforcbent and Security Institute, Australian Fitness Expo FILEX, Australian Yoga Conference and have spoken at estebed institutions such as Wake Forest, Dickinson, and Western Washington Universities.

My "flow" method, called Circular Strength Training, can now be found in 68 countries worldwide and counting, and despite my tough circumstances in childhood, I've been awarded with a place in the National Fitness Hall of Fame Museum, Mensa International, the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame. If I can help you be Free to Move and regain your Intuitive Flow, I consider my privilege. I very much look forward to meeting you at an upcoming workshop or course!

And by the way, If you can't make it to a workshop right now, I give away a great deal of FREE goodies into my discoveries on the nature of flow through on the world-renowned Flow Coach Blog and through the World-Famous Scott Sonnon Core Cadre Program.