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"I admit to having spent a long time beating myself up about my appearance, especially when compared to the images we're subjected to every day of our lives, i.e. the chiseled bodybuilder look. I FINALLY took Coach Sonnon's words to heart and decided to stop caring about the aesthetic results, and just concentrate on feeling better. So I've been doing Intu-Flow® anywhere from 3-7 times a week for the past 5 weeks now. That's all. And not only do I feel about 100 times better than I did, I just stepped on a scale for the first time in about 2 months, and I'm down 10lbs. And I didn't even notice."

- Aaron Stultz
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"I just got off of working a stressful 70 hour week, and thanks to Intu-Flow® I flew right through with excellent energy levels. I noticed that the daily Intu-Flow® practice relieved and when a long way to preventing myself from holding tension as I stared as excel spreadsheets for countless hours."

- Jason Haverkost
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“Doing program is the best part of my day and has me feeling years younger! It’s hard for me to explain to a lot of people that I know, the wonderful feeling that can be felt on a daily basis because of Intu-Flow. I’m only 22 years old and even for me the program has been a huge surprise and a big success. I’m always being asked how come your neck moves so much? I’m quick to say. Everywhere I walk I use my body in a whole new way. I would like to say thanks as well on such a fun and powerful full body movement system; it has become a habit, and I haven’t missed a day, in fact I won’t feel like myself if I don’t do it now to develop more great habits.”

- Max Andranov
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I have been able to deal with mornings a lot better because an Intu-Flow session creates a momentum to get me a non-morning person going... Intu-Flow has helped me become a more productive person in my personal and professional life simply because I feel good after an Intu-Flow session. Objects in motions tend to stay in motion... Intu-Flow is a great high performance vehicle to ride daily!”

- Steve Lardieri
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Before Intu-Flow, I would have never tried anything like what I did. And yet, there is an energy to the exercises. A recapturing of youth. A sense of days gone by. What I did was something a child would have done while playing. I'm not even sure that what I did was even safe, smart or even productive. It just felt damn good to think of performing something a little off the wall and accomplishing it. I'm looking forward to the months to come and the progress that I know I will make with Intu-Flow. Thanks again."

- Dennis Littlefield
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“Joints need lubrication. If you are over 30, your joints cannot be lubricated with synovial fluid unless they are moved. Arthritis is something that can be tamed by movement. I have arthritis in my cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. It used to be a challenge to get out of bed...even when I was in my 20s. Now, almost forty, I'm moving as well as well as I ever have with the use of Intu-Flow. Doing movements like waves, multi-planar back arches have given me freedom from pain and freedom to move.”

- Robert Verdell


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"I love this stuff! Coach Sonnon and RMAX have brought excitement back into my workouts. I literally jump out of bed in the morning, ready to train."

Dr. Mitch Simon, D.C. Co-Founder-at-Large,
Resistance Training Specialist Certification Program
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"I can sum up my 6 month experience in 2 words:


Let me elaborate a little more. From the age of 15 through 33 I had been involved in traditional weightlifting which basically focused on bodybuilding and powerlifting type exercises. In 1997 several weeks after competing in my first bench press contest (in which I won my division) I began to experience stiffness and severe pain in my left shoulder radiating to my elbow. It got so severe that I could not even bench press a 45 # bar! It eventually began affecting my right shoulder also. Eventually I underwent an acromiplasty and labrum repair to my left shoulder in 2000. Since then I had contemplated having the same surgery for my right shoulder which slowly over the past several years was as painful and limited in movement as the left shoulder had been.

Well I am pleased to say that I did not have right shoulder surgery and currently enjoy pain free movement at the age of 42. I rehabbed the right shoulder entirely with Coach Sonnon’s system As a busy practicing chiropractor I cannot even begin to tell you how a pain free shoulder has given me a new lease on my professional career. It is now fun to adjust my patients again without having to experience the agonizing pain that I experienced daily since 1997.

Last year I opened up a new business called Maximum Health and Fitness, Inc. I felt many of my patients would benefit from a structured and supervised fitness and rehab facility. We provide general fitness services as well as athletic training, strength and conditioning, weight loss and senior fitness programs. We utilize a wide variety of training equipment and exercises including Intu-Flow exercises. The rehabilitation and strengthening results have been just as impressive with my clients as they have been for me.

Several of the top ultimate fighters that compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championships seen on pay-per-view and Spike TV have been utilizing Scott Sonnon’s training at our facility with impressive results in ROM and angular strength and of course big wins in the Octagon.

I can not say enough about how the Intu-Flow system has changed my life and has truly impacted the lives of many of my patients and fitness clients."

Dr. Mark Schmall, D.C
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"I have been doing Intu-Flow for a few months now, daily. One of the things I particularly like is that I don't feel exhausted and beat up when I'm finished. I actually have more energy when I'm done.

I'm a practicing chiropractor. Adjusting patients all day can be a little hard on my body. Throughout the day, I frequently stop for a couple of minutes and perform some of the movements from Intu-Flow. It does a lot to help take much of the stress off my joints.

From a biomechanical perspective, there is nothing in any of these programs that I would consider to be harmful or potentially harmful. The movements in these programs are biomechanically sound. I don't believe that this is any accident. It seems like the programs were designed with that in mind.

In my opinion, the Intu-Flow approach is the most rational and sensible approach to fitness and wellness that is currently available. I think that the idea of restoring joint ranges of motion first and applying the principles of incremental progression and intuitive training i.e. listening to your body, is without a doubt the best way to go. I would argue that by focusing on restoring and then maintaining normal joint ranges of motion and allowing your body to move more efficiently and gracefully, you'll be doing something that will very likely have the effect of healing many old, nagging injuries and preventing the onset of any new ones.

I look around at many people who are hunched over, have a hard time walking, have joint pain, and have restricted mobility in their joints and I feel determined to make sure that I never end up like that. I believe that Intu-Flow will help me to reach that goal. I don't intend to ever stop utilizing his methods."

Dr. Joe Myers, D.C.
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"Intu-Flow has been a gift to my patients as a tool that is far superior, easily learned in small settings, and requires no equipment. The type of neurological training that this system offers allows me as a physician to get positive results quickly, and even reluctant patients are won over by their own quick response to treatment.

Intu-Flow allows you to explore your own mobility at the beginning of movement, your mind. The entire system of training is done in the spirit of healing. You do not work into pain as this initiates the panic/fight/flight reflex dumping large amounts of hormones into the system. You are taken through your own body's movement patterns in a slow and safe manner allowing you to pay attention to the small/medium/large problem areas. It is like going through the ABC's of your body. Once you master the simple basics you begin to add those "ABC's" together to form words, complicating your new movements incrementally, slowly speeding up, smoothing out the corners to mastery."

Dr. Kevin Teagle D.C.
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"Intu-Flow has been a delight for me to explore for both personal and professional reasons. I come to the training almost purely from a fitness/health care point of view. The thing that most impresses me about the product is that regardless of where someone is at with his/her health, there is a place for each person to start.

As a physician, one of the most challenging things we do is to get patients to exercise regularly. Intu-Flow can be fun, done in as little as 8 minutes a day, performed in the privacy of their homes or with a group, and allows people to progress so that enthusiasm stays up and they continue being active. The possible benefits to their neuromuscular system are vast but the positive benefits of regular practice are certainly not limited to that aspect of the body. I believe that regular practice of Intu-Flow has the potential to empower people to grow up and to grow old with grace and agility. Who wouldn't want that?

Thanks for making such a great product available and affordable for most people."

Dr. Kathryn Woodall, DC